High-Impact Instruction for Year 3-10 Teachers & Leaders

The Masterclass Series Experience

Working from a robust research and evidence base and providing concrete techniques teachers can use immediately, the Masterclass Series supports teachers to build more high-impact instruction into their own classrooms through:

A learning environment where every participant commits to implementing and practising the instructional strategies during the course.

Access to a video bank with over 200 videos and a lesson library featuring more than 180 curriculum resources, enabling participants to enhance their classrooms and support colleagues.

5 spaced days of professional learning that deepen understanding of the research, seeing instructional strategies in action, digging into high quality examples and modelling, with hands-on testing and trialling.

Tools for tracking the impact of the changes they make, including comparing student progress and achievement data and collecting student voice.

Opportunities for meaningful self-reflection and multiple rounds of video coaching that enable participants to complete the course feeling confident with the practices in their own classroom.

“The best professional learning that I have experienced in 34 years of teaching.”

- Mark Utley, Deputy Principal, Coodanup College

Who Can Participate in the Masterclass?

  • Teachers with students in Year 3-10;
  • Teacher leaders, including Heads of Learning Areas/ Department, Teacher in Charge and primary instructional leaders with classroom teaching responsibilities; and
  • Administrative leaders, including principals, associate principals, and deputy principals as part of the administrative leaders stream.

There are a maximum of 75 places available for each Masterclass and applications are selective. It is important that teachers feel supported to implement these strategies back at school, therefore, to increase the likelihood of a teacher being awarded a place, schools should commit to sending a minimum of 2 participants.

Schools that are able to commit to sending a member of their senior administration to the first workshop will be given preference in the application process. This ensures that leaders are able to provide further support back at school for teachers in the Masterclass.

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment of a senior administrative member to attend the first day of professional learning.
  • Applicant’s commitment to evidence-based teaching practices.
  • Schools’ commitment to high-impact instruction (or high-impact teaching practices, high impact teaching strategies, evidence-based teaching practices, or instruction aligned to cognitive science).

Year 3-10 Course Dates

The Masterclass Dates for 2024 are subject to change.

For any networks wishing to discuss a local delivery model (including options to schedule cohorts in your region on professional learning days), please contact us at applications@teach-well.com.au.

Practical Session 1 Practical Session 2 Practical Session 3 Practical Session 4 Practical Session 5
Cohort 51
(Perth Metro) - FULL
Thursday, 7 September 2023
(Term 3, Week 8)
Monday, 6 November 2023
(Term 4, Week 5)
Tuesday, 13 February
(Term 1, Week 3)
Thursday, 18 April
(Term 2, Week 1)
Monday, 27 May
(Term 2, Week 7)
Cohort 52
Blended* - FULL
Thursday, 7 March
(Term 1, Week 6)
Friday, 8 March
(Term 1, Week 6)
Monday, 15 April
(Term 2, Week 1)
Monday, 15 July
(Term 3, Week 1)
Monday, 7 October
(Term 4, Week 1)
Cohort 54
(Perth Metro) - FULL
Tuesday, 20 February
(Term 1, Week 4)
Monday, 22 April
(Term 1 Week 2)
Wednesday, 19 June
(Term 2, Week 10)
Thursday, 22 August
(Term 3, Week 6)
Tuesday, 15 October
(Term 4, Week 2)
Cohort 55
(Perth Metro) - FULL
Thursday, 7 March
(Term 1, Week 6)
Wednesday, 15 May
(Term 2, Week 5)
Monday, 17 June
(Term 2, Week 10)
Tuesday, 20 August
(Term 3, Week 6)
Thursday, 24 October
(Term 4, Week 3)
Cohort 57
(Perth Metro)
Friday, 19 April
(Term 2, Week 1)
Friday, 14 June
(Term 2, Week 9)
Monday, 5 August
(Term 3, Week 4)
Friday, 13 September
(Term 3, Week 9)
Monday, 4 November
(Term 4, Week 5)
Cohort 58
(South Metro)
Tuesday, 23 April
(Term 2, Week 2)
Wednesday, 12 June
(Term 2, Week 9)
Thursday, 8 August
(Term 3, Week 4)
Wednesday, 11 September
(Term 3, Week 9)
Thursday, 7 November
(Term 4, Week 5)
Cohort 57a
(Perth Metro)
Thursday, 13 June
(Term 2, Week 9)
Friday, 14 June
(Term 2, Week 9)
Monday, 5 August
(Term 3, Week 4)
Friday, 13 September
(Term 3, Week 9)
Monday, 4 November
(Term 4, Week 5)

*Cohort 52 is a blended cohort designed to aid regional schools to reduce travel and relief requirements. Workshops for this cohort will be held in the Perth Metro and South Metro region.

All workshops for Perth Cohorts will be held at Telethon Speech & Hearing or City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club (unless otherwise specified).

View Telethon Speech & Hearing Venue Map
View City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club Venue Map

Course Costs

Thanks to the generous support of a local WA philanthropist, successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship towards this cost.

Secure your Masterclass spot at the early bird scholarship price of $2,950 + GST per successful applicant (for Perth cohorts). Additional costs, including relief, will be covered by participating schools.

For any networks wishing to discuss a local delivery model, please contact us at applications@teach-well.com.au.

Participants that complete the course are eligible to apply for Advanced Standing (credit) for a unit in the Masters of Education at Edith Cowan University (subject to completion of all deliverables during the course and an additional essay task).

For further details please contact info@teach-well.com.au and see further details here.

Application Process

Scholarships will be awarded as applications are processed. We encourage school leaders and teachers to have their applications in early to improve their chances of receiving a scholarship. Applications will continue to be accepted until all spots are filled, however, no later than three weeks prior to course commencement. 2024 applications will be opening in Term 3.

For Principals

For principals, applying for multiple teachers

  • Discuss the opportunity with staff and decide which teachers you would like to nominate.
  • Ensure the availability for your teachers for all five professional learning days.
  • Determine which senior admin member will attend Day 1.

For Individual Teachers/Leaders

For individual teachers or leaders wishing to apply

  • Improve your chances of being accepted by finding a colleague in your school to complete the Masterclass with you.
  • Ensure your availability for all five professional learning days.
  • Submit a signed letter of support from your principal or Deputy detailing your commitment to evidence-based teaching and their commitment to ensuring you have the necessary IT and technology support to ensure you are able to submit footage for the video coaching component.