The Impact for English Series supports participants and school teams to review and build more effective practice into their implementation of the English curriculum, as part of their literacy and writing blocks, accelerating literacy outcomes for all students.

Impact for English participants will:

Be able to describe the current evidence for the skills and knowledge students need for effective reading, writing and language comprehension instruction.

Be able to identify how these skills and knowledge are embedded across the four strands of the English curriculum.

Have audited and refined your current programming and literacy and writing block practices (including using the Word Recognition Audit Tool and Language Comprehension Audit Tool) to provide the systematic development of skills and knowledge in the English curriculum.

Be able to plan and deliver effective instruction, supporting delivery of the word recognition strand including phonics and word knowledge, as well as the language comprehension and language expression strands.

Have reviewed the evidence and practices for effective literature-based and knowledge-rich units, including how to embed grammar into meaningful contexts.

Have reviewed the role of background knowledge and vocabulary in building reading, writing and speaking and listening skills and have a plan for systematically building background knowledge, with embedded vocabulary instruction, linked to student-appropriate complex texts.

Have drafted a reading comprehension unit plan grounded in research-based practice and iterated this with feedback.

Course information

Impact for English will return in 2025.


Impact for English will return in 2025.

Who can apply?

  • Alumni of the Masterclass Series and their Administrative leaders
  • We encourage school teams to apply and attend together

How to apply?

  • Discuss the opportunity with your school leaders and colleagues
  • Ensure all nominated participants are available to attend all three workshop days
  • Determine which school leader will be joining