Expanding learning with a Fogarty Foundation scholarship

Expanding learning with a Fogarty Foundation scholarship

We recently chatted with Salome about her scholarship award and the work she’s been undertaking with the Midwest Network. The Midwest Network have seen outstanding increases in student outcomes over the past few years as they’ve worked together as a multi-school community to build a consistent approach to high-impact instruction. We asked Salome what this work has been like on the ground…

You have recently taken part in the Midwest Network’s Instructional Lead Series through Teach Well. What are some of your reflections on this Series in your personal context? 

This Series has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. It has connected me with like-minded, driven and enthusiastic leaders within the Midwest Network. The professional discussions, collaboration and coaching opportunities provided throughout the series have been invaluable and have developed my leadership capacity and skillset. In addition, it has been great to be able to bounce ideas off of, not only other schools and other leaders but with the passionate, knowledgeable and experienced Teach Well team too!

Congratulations on receiving a Fogarty Foundation Scholarship, can you tell us what you are excited about specialising in? 

Thank you. I am extremely passionate about Language and Literacy and believe that English not only underpins our personal futures but also is what is necessary to guide our paths and successes as a society. It is for this reason that I am excited to specialise in Learning Difficulties with a focus on supporting students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Hyperlexia. I aim to further develop my skillset in identifying weaknesses in knowledge and abilities using evidence-based practices, to work towards bridging those gaps and creating successful and happy members of society.

Do you have other comments or reflections you would like to share with the Alumni network? 

I am grateful to share the space with like-minded individuals who strive to improve student outcomes. The dedication and passion displayed by fellow alumni in changing practices and participating in research-driven conversations is infectious. The invaluable experiences offered by Teach Well have sparked my passion for the Science of Reading and the Science of Learning, which has led me to meet some incredibly knowledgeable and experienced educators; for which I am thankful.

– Salome Ehlers, Primary School Teacher